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Squeezable ginger added to line of squeezable garlic products

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Core Tip: Expanding on its “Squeeze” line of products, a new Squeeze Ginger product is on the market.
Expanding on its “Squeeze” line of products, a new Squeeze Ginger product is on the market.

The product, from Orlando, Fl.-based Spice World Inc. builds on the company’s line of squeezable products including Squeeze Garlic, Squeeze Garlic in Olive Oil and Organic Squeeze Garlic.

“Squeeze Garlic is sort of the next generation of our “Ready-to-Use Jar Garlic” and it’s taken garlic from an ingredient to a condiment with many table-side applications,” says Spice World’s Louis Hymel. “Garlic is a kitchen staple and often the first ingredient in the pot. Whether it’s fresh bulbs, whole peeled, ready-to-use jars or Squeeze Garlic, top quality and convenience become the determining factors. Every kitchen should always have garlic ready for any dish.”

Cutting down on labor
The Squeeze Ginger line capitalizes on that same concept of having a more labor intensive product ready to use in a bottle. “Fresh ginger is very difficult to prep in the kitchen from removing the skin to cutting and dicing,” says Hymel.

To source garlic, Spice World has its own seed program and process garlic. “Even though we’re a California garlic grower and can cold store California garlic nearly 12 months of the year, we also import garlic from other areas of the world to meet needs,” says Hymel. Supplementary supplies are from Argentina, Chile and Peru while additional imports are called on from Spain, Mexico and China.

The 2017 picture
And as many garlic growers know, this season has been a unique one. “The 2017 harvest season is much different than the past few years and for the most part supplies are abundant for all garlic growing areas of the world,” says Hymel. “Volumes vary from global growing areas and regions which are determined by several factors--Mother Nature being the number one factor but also growing methods varies from producer to producer which determine yields.”

The Squeeze line was an extensive project for Spice World. “It was in the works for years,” says Hymel. “We built a completely separate processing room at one of our facilities with state of the art equipment. We hired a specialized food equipment engineering group worked together with our research and development and marketing departments designing the finished product and package. Much of the equipment was custom designed from the processing of the garlic to the packaging that would create the most consumer appealing Squeeze bottle for the best product disbursement.”

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