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Rumours causing importers to switch from Chinese to Spanish garlic

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Core Tip: The new Spanish garlic harvest will start in the province of Cordoba in about fifteen days.
   The new Spanish garlic harvest will start in the province of Cordoba in about fifteen days. “The garlic's condition is very good at the moment. There have been no diseases and the quality is the same or better than last year,” says Luis Fernando Rubio, of ANPCA.
  Due to the many cloudy and rainy days, the yields will be lower. “Fortunately, the heavy rains that were recorded in March in many parts of Andalusia have not taken a toll on the garlic crops, but have actually contributed to the saving in irrigation costs,” says the spokesperson of this association.
  Unlike last year, the sector will start the new garlic campaign with stocks from last year. “Although we're not talking about large volumes, this year we'll start the new garlic campaign with some old stocks; however, the old garlic that is still stored is of specific sizes that have not been sold so quickly this season, so the market conditions will depend on how the sizes of the new garlic, and it is still too early to know that.”
  China will compete with Spain in terms of prices, although rumours about the increasing presence of the White Rot disease in Chinese crops are causing the first reactions in the market. “Some European importers are already switching from Chinese to Spanish garlic to avoid possible quality problems,” says Luís Fernando Rubio. “Given the low prices of Chinese garlic this campaign, Spanish garlic will have to focus on quality,” he adds.
  Garlic acreage remains stable this campaign
  The ANPCA, which met last week in Montilla, Cordoba, to analyse the current situation this campaign, has estimated that the acreage will remain stable compared to previous years. The association is currently made up by the 57 most important companies in the sector, representing approximately 50% of the total garlic acreage in Spain and about 75% of the volume marketed. Its annual survey on acreage and cultivated varieties revealed a 3% drop of the acreage compared to the previous year, when record figures were achieved.
  These data confirm those offered by the Ministry of Agriculture, which show the stability in Spain's total acreage, with a 0.1% increase overall. Official data reveal a slight 1.2% drop in Castile-La Mancha (the main producing region) due to drought problems, while Andalusia and Castile-Leon (second and third main producing regions) have recorded a 4% and 0.7% increase, respectively.
  Regarding varieties, there has been an increase in the number of hectares devoted to Spring garlic, to the detriment of Purple garlic, although this reduction of the acreage has been more limited than in previous years.
  Regarding foreign trade, the Spanish export of garlic in 2017 stood at 165,874 tonnes, 2% more than in 2016, worth 315 million Euro (-16%)。 Castile-La Mancha is the main exporting autonomous region, with 68,306 tonnes, 8% more than in 2016, followed by Andalusia with 47,346 tonnes (-3%) and the Region of Valencia, with 33,107 tonnes (+2%)。 Broken down by provinces, the data for 2017 shows that Cuenca, Cordoba, Alicante and Albacete are the largest exporters, with 45,261 tonnes exported in the case of Cuenca, 27,347 tonnes in Cordoba's, 20,694 tonnes in Alicante's and 10,356 tonnes in Albacete's. The Spanish export to the EU in 2017 amounted to 96,277 tonnes, while that to third countries amounted to 69,597, worth 203.4 million Euro and 111.5 million Euro, respectively.
  As for the Spanish import of garlic, it stood at 4,468 tonnes in 2017 (40% less than in 2016) worth 8.7 million Euro (-31%), according to data from the Customs and Excise Duties Department.
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