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Imported orange market depressed after Chinese National Day

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-10-12  Views: 6
Core Tip: How has the imported fruit market survived the National Day holiday period?
How has the imported fruit market survived the National Day holiday period?
New oranges imported from South Africa 
People expected excellent market conditions during the National Day holiday, so domestic supply was abundant. This caused the price of imported oranges to fall. However, the demand from secondary and tertiary wholesale markets has remained stable after the holiday period, and since domestic supply has decreased, the price of imported oranges is likely to recover;

The most popular oranges imported from Africa to the Chinese market are the Cambria and Witkrans varieties. These oranges are large and firm with a strong color and a fine fruit peel. They are also juicy. The demand for these oranges is stable, so the wholesale price and market conditions are quite stable as well. Supply is swift and the price is not likely to change much in the near future.

Australian sweet oranges
The supply of Australian sweet oranges is currently stable. The market conditions for Australian sweet oranges are affected by the wholesale price of South African sweet oranges, and by the product quality of Australian sweet oranges themselves. The price has dropped lightly and that trend is likely to continue through next week.

Source: Berda Fruit

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