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Consumption Tips on Traditional Food in the Spring Festival

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2019-01-30  Origin: SAMR  Views: 10
Core Tip: Spring Festival is the most solemn and lively traditional festival in China.
Spring Festival is the most solemn and lively traditional festival in China. In the development of thousands of years, it has formed a specific dietary custom, especially the traditional food with full "spring festival" flavor, which has been handed down to the present day. In order to help consumers enjoy traditional delicacies safely and healthily, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration has made the following consumption tips.

1.Dumplings - Hope
Dumplings play an important role in our traditional festive diet. According to custom, the whole family starts to make dumplings together during the Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival, for the two-year turning point and the time to welcome the new and leave the old, the family tastes the dumplings happily, which has the meaning of happy reunion and good luck.

When making home-made dumplings, we should choose good raw materials, clean the tools, and try to make dumplings according to the amount of food we can eat, and now we have ready-to-eat dumplings. If you can't share the joy of making dumplings with your family due to overtime during holidays, you can buy quick-frozen dumplings. When choosing quick-frozen dumplings, the products with complete packaging, uniform appearance and texture and within the shelf life should be selected through regular purchasing channels. At the same time, read the label information carefully, focus on checking the ingredients table and nutritional ingredients table, strictly on the label for preservation according to the storage conditions. When eating dumplings, be sure to cook them thoroughly. Remaining dumplings after meals should be refrigerated and heated thoroughly before they are eaten again. No matter which way you choose, you should ensure the safety and health of your food.

2.Tofu-Delivery of "Happiness"

"Twenty-fifth of December, push, grind, and make tofu". In many parts of China, people have the habit of eating tofu during the Spring Festival. The word "tofu" has the same pronunciation as the word "fu". Eating tofu implies happiness and blessings.

When purchasing, we should have a look at Tofu twice and smell. First look at its color, normal tofu’s color is milky white or light yellow, lustrous.

Second, look at its cut surface, good tofu cut surface delicate, less stomata. It smells like a strong bean fragrance, not sour or peculiar. If you buy unpackaged tofu, it should be stored in refrigerator or low temperature as soon as possible. It's better to boil water before eating. If it is found that tofu is sticky or smelly, it is not recommended to eat. After the packaged tofu is opened, it is better to finish eating on the day of purchase and keep it fresh. Although tofu is a good source of protein, it should not be eaten more, generally 100-150 grams a day is appropriate. Overeating may cause indigestion and aggravate the burden of the kidney.

3.Fish - " Every year have enough thing to spend"

Fish is delicious and nutritious, and the homonym of "fish" and "Yu" symbolizes the auspicious meaning of having more than one year in a year. During the Spring Festival, every household has fish on the table, which places people's best wishes for the New Year.

Our country has a vast territory and different national customs. There are many kinds of fish and delicacies for Chinese New Year. Food fish can be divided into two categories: seawater fish and freshwater fish, and three main links should be grasped when eating. One is to select the right materials.
Seawater fish generally have live, iced fresh and frozen products, while freshwater fish are mostly live fish circulation. When choosing iced fresh seawater fish, we should pay attention to its freshness. The fish body is complete, the muscle is elastic, the eyes are full and transparent, the gills are bright red, and the odor is normal. The quality requirement of frozen seawater fish is basically the same as that of fresh fish except frozen fish. Second, the preservation is effective. The cooling temperature of frozen seawater fish should be well controlled to shorten its storage time as far as possible. Third, cook reasonably and pay attention to food safety. Especially when purchasing live freshwater fish, because some of the viscera of freshwater fish such as fish gall are poisonous and inedible, miseating will cause kidney failure or liver lesions, which will seriously endanger life. Therefore, freshwater fish can be cleaned by steaming, frying, braising and other cooking methods, when you are cooking, you must cook thoroughly, kill parasites completely.

4.Bacon sausages / Cured meat products - "no cured flavor, no festival flavor"

"No cured flavor, no festival flavor". Near the Spring Festival, walking in the streets and alleys, you can always see a string of homemade bacon sausages hanging in front of windows or doors, the strong flavor of the festival pouring on your face, has become a beautiful folk scenery.

When making home-made cured meat products, one is to select raw meat with quality assurance; the other is to pay attention to temperature and humidity in order to facilitate the water dispersion and flavor formation of cured meat products, while inhibiting the growth of microorganisms; the third is to avoid the harm of rodents and insects, and to do a good job of protective measures. When purchasing cured meat products in the market, choose products with good packaging, clear labels, normal senses and shelf life to avoid purchasing products with bulging bags, damaged packaging, changes in appearance or obvious plaque on the surface of products. Most cured meat products belong to raw meat products. They should be processed strictly according to the cooking method when they are eaten, so that they can be completely cooked before eating. It is forbidden to eat with obvious "hala" taste, appearance changes or obvious microbial growth.

5.Spring festival's Eve Dinner - "Happy Spring Festival"
In our tradition, the most important thing is the dinner on the 30th night of the Spring Festival. Home-made Chinese New Year's Eve dinner, we should pay attention to reasonable mix, choose cereals, meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits and other foods. For dining out, it is suggested to choose restaurants with food license, good sanitation, complete facilities and "bright kitchen stove".

In addition, during the Spring Festival, life lacks regularity, so diet should be appropriate to avoid overeating and eating greasy food, resulting in excess energy and increasing gastrointestinal burden. Fat meat, animal viscera, etc. should be eaten less. Fish, shrimp, shellfish and other aquatic products with low fat and high quality protein can be eaten in moderation. In addition to pay attention to diet, we should also exercise regularly and not sit fo a long time.
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