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IdeateLabs launches Alcohowl, India’s only platform for fine drinking

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2019-03-04  Views: 37
Core Tip: IdeateLabs has launched Alcohowl, India’s one and only platform for fine drinking experiences.
IdeateLabs has launched Alcohowl, India’s one and only platform for fine drinking experiences. It is the first in a series of new IPs, designed to cater to a unique consumer base. Its launch is in line with the ever-transforming media landscape and varied consumer needs.

Alcohowl follows the philosophy that fine drinking is not just about what is in the bottle, but the story and soul behind every sip. It aims at creating the perfect blend of alcohol-related events, reviews, tastings and trends to give connoisseurs a different outlook on the art of fine drinking.

Over the last two decades, IdeateLabs has established itself as one of India’s biggest independently funded end-to-end digital media companies. With offices in Mumbai, Dubai and Singapore, IdeateLabs’ has catered to some of India’s biggest brands, such as Future Group, HT Media, Hiranandani Communities and Tata Teleservices, amongst others.

Vrutika Dawda, the company’s director, called it a dynamic futuristic direction, adding, “At IdeateLabs, we pride in our ability to combine content and consumer experience to deliver strong results. Alcohowl is one such example of that.”

“It is a wholly niche space, but one that is far too overlooked. We are in the midst of a cultural shift, and as one’s exposure to global culture and hospitality increases, the demand for unique avenues that provide such experiences will increase as well,” she added.

“Alcohowl is the first of its kind in this sunrise sector that is soon to witness a boom. We are thrilled with the potential it offers and excited to see where we can take this,” Dawda said.

She added, “We are committed towards creating communities led by strong content. As a company we intend to focus on community led marketing. Taking that into account we dipped into the fabulous talent pool at IdeateLabs, Pallavi Naidu, one of our own, will be fronting Alcohowl as the chief executive officer.”

“With her intrinsic knowledge of the space and the consumer base we are targeting as well as her exceptional instinct for success, Naidu is sure to take Alcohowl to great heights,” Dawda added. 

Speaking of the platform, Naidu said, “Alcohowl is all about the experience of fine drinking. We understand that while there are platforms that focus on food and beverage, none of them exclusively cater to alcohol connoisseurs.”

“With Alcohowl, we not only intend to present them with a unique perspective, but also weave a story around their experience. It is about shifting away from the mundane and diving into a world of niche spirits and drinks,” she added.

“As a brand, Alcohowl will be present at two levels, as a digital platform creating custom content for the consumers in the form of our upcoming e-magazine and branded videos and as an on-ground experiential platform providing curated experiences through special events and activities,” Naidu stated.

Currently operating only in Mumbai, Alcohowl is rapidly expanding their presence, starting with Goa, Delhi and Bangalore. Alcohowl will soon be launching India’s first e-magazine dedicated to fine drinking and partnering with brands and OTT players to create custom content.
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