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10 Best-selling Beers in Korea

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2019-03-05  Origin: haicent.com  Views: 3
Core Tip: What beer brands do Korea have?
What beer brands do Korea have? Below is a brief introduction to the ten best-selling beers in Korea. Please see below.

Best-selling Local Beer Brands in Korea, they are:

2. Hite Beer
3. Max Beer
4. Lotte Cloud

(source: Naver)

Korean beer market consumption in 2017 is about 59320 billion won, and its own beer market is estimated to be about 2.7 trillion won, which is the 20th largest beer market in the world.

The domestic beer market is dominated by three major beer companies, with Hite Jinro (Height, Dry Finsh) accounting for 31% and Lotte Liquor (Cloud) accounting for 3.6%. As far as domestic beer market share is concerned, Cass and Max are the most common beer brands and often appear in Korean dramas.

Sales Ranking of Foreign Beer Brands in Korea

1 Asahi Japan
2 Heineken Netherlands
3 Hoegaarden Belgium
4 Budweiser USA
5 Tsingdao China
6 Guinness Ireland
7 Miller USA
8 Sapporo Japan
9 Pilsner Urquel Czech Republic
10 Kirin Japan

Japanese beer brands account for three of the foreign beer brands in Korea. As to why Japanese beer sells better in Korea than other countries, on the one hand, the geographical location of the two countries is closer. On the other hand, the above consumer survey also reflects that the taste of Japanese beer is more acceptable to Korean friends.

Of course, China's Tsingtao Beer also has a certain popularity and consumption in the Korean market. So, if you want to have the lowest cost of "expressing feelings", buying Tsingtao Beer is the easiest way.
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