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China: Tailor-made fruit and veg packaging

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-03-03  Views: 31
Core Tip: Following the increasing demand from consumers for fruits and vegetables, the quality of the packaging is growing in importance.
"Following the increasing demand from consumers for fruits and vegetables, the quality of the packaging is growing in importance. Logical packing can reduce or even prevent the losses that occur during transport, storage and transfers. Good packaging also slows decay and moisture loss, giving the product a stable preservation environment. As a professional packaging company in Qingdao, Shandong province, that was founded in 2012, our main product is packaging boxes for fruits, vegetables and other food products," says Selina from Qingdao Great Industry Trade.

"In the past few years, quality fruits for high-end markets have been well received on the market and the environmental awareness of consumers is growing day by day. A few years back, the main requirement of consumers for packaging was that it protected against pressure. Nowadays, people find customisation and the use of environment-friendly materials more important. In order to satisfy the market demand, we started taking customised orders from clients in addition to our standardised packaging production process. We mostly use food-graded PET materials for the customised orders. To us, the essence is to truly understand the demands of the customers and to understand the individual nature of the fruit varieties that have to be packaged."

"In the past two years, almost half of our customers have been shifting towards specialised and customised packaging. That proportion is a very substantial increase compared to 5 years before. The main reasons for this development are the rapid increase of fruit imports to China and the growing production volume of high-quality fruits on the Chinese market. Taking advantage of the changing market, we mainly focus on the packaging of fruits like cherries and blueberries. Moreover, the requirements for customised packaging are not the same for Chinese and foreign clients. Foreign clients value the dimensions and the pressure resistance of the packaging more strongly. Since the founding of the company, we not only have been steadily developing in the Chinese market, but at the same time we also target business opportunities outside China. As such, we have successfully found a way into the developed markets of Europe, the US and Australia. Our targets are mostly distributors and big farming companies both inside and outside China."

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