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Chinese ripeners lead international expansion

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-03-13  Views: 8
Core Tip: At present, China's fruit and vegetable industry is facing three major problems.
"At present, China's fruit and vegetable industry is facing three major problems. Firstly, farmers do not take effective means to preserve the harvested fruits and vegetables, such as precooling, which results in greater loss of freshness during transportation and shelf sales. Secondly, commercialization of the produce market is still low. Thirdly, vicious competition in the industry has led to a situation in which high-quality products suffer to win market share." Mr.Wang said, from Aoweite Biotechnology.

"We are a biotechnology company, founded back in 1996. We provide all kinds of preservative products and ripening products to customers at home and abroad. Our main products include 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), ripeners, fungicides, and ethylene absorbents."

"1-methyl propylene (1-methylcyclopropene, shortly 1-MCP) is an important non-toxic compound, easy to use and at low cost, which can effectively improve the quality of postharvest fruits and vegetables and prolong the storage period. Currently, globally, only two companies are legally registered to sell the product, one of which is us. From 2006 to the present, our 1-MCP market share has been more than 80% in the domestic market. Our 1-MCP products can be used with liquid, and there is no need to apply a generator. The majority of our company's customers are domestic large and medium-sized fruit and vegetable enterprises. It is expected that with the end of our 1-MCP products overseas registration next year, our customer base in Europe and the United States will develop and grow rapidly."

"Ripeners are our other main product. Ripeners are mainly used in banana, mango, papaya, apricots and other fruits that are sensitive to ethylene."

Liao Liao Hon, Giovanni Battista Baffetti, Yu Shuang Zhang and Lloyd Wang of Aoweite Biotechnology. The company specialises in ripening products for the fruit and veg industry.

"In the past few years, the sales of our products are satisfactory. Whereas sales volume are increasing year on year, prices have remained relatively stable. Compared to 2015, we have at least doubled sales in 2016. At the present stage, the proportion of our products are basically balanced, in the future, we will focus on the development of overseas markets. For post-harvest products to become used more effectively in China, farmers and growers should strengthen the quality control of fruits and vegetables before picking, and ensure that monitoring from the root. Up to now, our company has 30 patents of technology and products, we hope that the Chinese government can strengthen patent protection so that our rights and interests can be effectively protected."
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