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Ethylene filter helps growers reduce food waste

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-06-01  Views: 48
Core Tip: More than 40% of all food grown today is being wasted, according to a recent report from ReFED, a data-driven guide for reducing food waste at scale.
More than 40% of all food grown today is being wasted, according to a recent report from ReFED, a data-driven guide for reducing food waste at scale. Thanks to organizations like ReFED, food waste is top of mind today for growers, distributors, retailers, and consumers.

It’s Fresh! is helping to put a big dent in food waste with its breakthrough product, the It’s Fresh! filter, which has been proven to improve quality, freshness and the customer experience throughout the produce supply-chain, from farm to fork.

The It’s Fresh! filter absorbs ethylene, the naturally occurring gas that ripens fruits and vegetables, slowing the maturation process, extending shelf-life, and substantially reducing waste.

For farmers, extending product shelf life translates directly into dollars. According to Brian Keavy, vice-president of sales and marketing at fruit grower Kingsburg Orchards in California’s San Joaquin Valley, “We have used It's Fresh! extensively in our shipments over the last four years, both domestically and internationally. We’ve found that it extends the shelf life of our fruit by an average of four extra days. That equates to a net benefit of $2 to $3 per case.”

John Miller, Director for New Zealand-based exporter Foodview added, "We’ve used It’s Fresh! to ensure that our New Zealand cherries reach consumers in premium condition. We’ve found that It's Fresh! has helped keep our cherries crunchy and full of flavor, providing consumers the best possible value and eating experience. We’ve also found that It's Fresh! enabled our cherries to stay fresh in store and in our customers’ refrigerators at home for about 10 days longer."

Miller went on to explain that maintaining the cool chain is impossible once your products are in the supermarket and then in the hands of consumers. Foodview found that It's Fresh! helped reduce waste to close to zero, while retaining the superior condition of the cherries once they were out of cool chain.

"Having It’s Fresh! in the carton with our produce is like having an insurance policy,” concluded Mr. Miller. It helps reduce the risk of problems due to over ripening, meaning better quality on arrival, less waste and the ability to add value to our brand which increases our sales opportunities. “

“We’ve been working with many farmers across the U.S. in developing programs that reduce waste and improve their bottom lines,” said Dean Martel, Senior Sales Director for It’s Fresh!. “We are also working with Albertson’s southern regions, developing a waste reduction program that is already delivering measurable results. Albertson’s is also finding that their customers are enjoying a better experience because the produce they buy stays fresher and better tasting once at home.”

The It’s Fresh! filter has been rigorously tested and shown to extend quality and freshness by creating “Freshaspheres” around produce, removing harmful ethylene from the atmosphere immediately surrounding fresh produce. This improvement in shelf- life and the consumer experience is also resulting in significant positive financial impacts for both farmers and retailers.

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