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Broccoli helps protect your skin in summer

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-08-28  Views: 69
Core Tip: Broccoli can help protect the skin against harmful UV-B rays during the summer.
Broccoli can help protect the skin against harmful UV-B rays during the summer, thanks to its carotene content, which gives it its green colouration, and its antioxidant properties, according to nutritionist-dietitian Júlia Farré, of Centro Júlia Farré.

For their part, researchers from the Laboratory of Phytochemistry of the Department of Science and Food Technology of CEBAS-CSIC, who actively collaborate with the Association +Brócoli, highlight the importance of the vegetable's moisturising factor, which helps fight skin diseases. Furthermore, it has been shown that its sulforaphane content may help prevent skin cancer.

Additionally, it is a food whose nutritional value is not at odds with its culinary taste, since the summer heat allows for its use in many fresh and tasty dishes, like salads, gazpachos, scrambles, grilled dishes, sautéed vegetables with fish, appetisers, paellas, cold pasta with seafood, etc.

The demand for refreshing recipes has also led to the consumption of raw broccoli (well washed) and sprouts. "This light way of eating it is really suited for slimming regimes. It actually has a great satiating power because of its high water content and the fact that it's rich in fibre and low in calories," states Farré.

Moreover, it has folic acid, a very important vitamin for women during pregnancy (it helps prevent birth defects in the new-born, as well as problems in the neural tube) and for growing children.

You can also use every part of the vegetable, as it is all edible. In fact, the stem has the most calcium, which helps strengthen the bones and fight osteoporosis. "To use it, we can peel it, remove the more fibrous area and prepare a puree or a cold cream, ideal for the whole family," recommends the nutritionist-dietitian.

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