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Little excitement on the melon market

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-11-23  Views: 26
Core Tip: The melon market has reached a calm period.
The melon market has reached a calm period. "I expect little excitement in the market between the weeks 45 and 50," says commercial director Leon van den Hombergh of Frankort&Koning. "The only advantage is that the surpluses aren't as extreme as they were in the last two years, which means the prices are at a more acceptable level. The price of Cantaloupe melons is around 6-7 Euro, Galias are being sold for 7-8 Euro and the yellow at around 8 Euro. The price of watermelons is around 80-90 cents."

There is always room for improvement, but considering the situation over the last two years we are happy with what we can get. It has been dry in Brazil recently, which caused lower production. This is only good for the market, as if there was a normal production we would likely be dealing with the same problems as in recent years," says Leon. "It isn't traditional melon weather in this period. The consumption is stable and only new varieties are making a difference."

"The quality is generally good and all sizes and varieties are available. The sales are spread out nicely and one or two late boats can be compensated for. The question is how we will go into December, but that is impossible to tell for now and mostly dependent on the offers that will be carried. There is often a slightly raised demand in the week before Christmas, but you shouldn't overestimate this. With Christmas falling at the start of the week you are losing two sales days."

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