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Dynamic Analysis of the current situation for apple production in Yantai, Shandong Province,China

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-10-30  Views: 19
Core Tip: This year, there are several prominent phenomena in the Yantai production area.
This year, there are several prominent phenomena in the Yantai production area:
The overall quality is high
"Tasty and good-looking" is the quality evaluation of Yantai apples this year. In the middle of October, the fruit sugar degree in vegetables and fruits in Yantai north is 2 degrees higher than the average of last year's test results. This is because of this year's climate. The temperature difference between day and night is large, the humidity is suitable, and management is strengthened.
Apple prices are high
This year, the apple production reduction in Shandong is significantly smaller than that in the western apple producing provinces. The average unit price of Yantai apples increased by 0.8 yuan/jin, and the average unit price increase was at least 0.3 yuan/jin lower than that in the western main producing areas.

Merchants to the east and apples to the west 
Over the years, many apples in the western producing areas have entered the cold storage storage in Shandong. This year, the apple production in the western producing areas has been greatly reduced. In the past years, the fruit merchants purchasing in the western producing areas have purchased a large number of apples in the Shandong fruit area this year. In addition, those cold storages in Henan that have been storing and transporting apples in the west all year round also turned to Yantai and Weihai fruit areas to purchase apples and transport them back to Henan for storage. This year, with the same quality and the same specifications, Shandong apples are more cost-effective than those from the west of the same variety and produced at the same period of time.

Apple storage quality is good, the volumes are low
Tomorrow is the lunar calendar "Frosting", the average apple harvest in Shandong has been more than half finished. Overall, this year's apple price is high and the quality requirements are strict (last year's had poor quality). This year, apple storage quality is better than last year. It is estimated that in 2018, the country had the least amount of apple stocks for the past decade.

Source: China Fruit Network


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