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Organic apple demand keeps growing

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-11-24  Views: 23
Core Tip: This coming season Washington expects to see 20 million bushels of organic apples.
This coming season Washington expects to see 20 million bushels of organic apples. Viva Tierra specialises in 100% organic products, such as apples. “There is no indication, whatsoever, that the demand for organic fresh produce, such as apples, is slowing down”, says Luis Acuña, this company’s President and CEO, who spoke to us from Santiago, Chile.

Viva Tierra has growers in North and South America. According to Luis, volumes of organic apples grown in Washington are slightly higher than last year. “The Granny Smith is a very popular variety of organic apple and Cripps Pinks are also gaining popularity.”

Overseas markets

“Our sales to Asia, Malaysia and Taiwan in particular, are increasing”, says Luis. China is another potential market, but discussions are still ongoing between both China and the USA with regards to opening the Chinese market to American organic apples. Not only Asia, but also Europe is one of the destinations this season. The frost in Europe has opened up sales opportunities for the US-based trading company. “There is a gap in, mainly, the UK, due to a lack of product.”

Southern Hemisphere frosts
While the Northern Hemisphere is in full swing, the Southern Hemisphere is in the middle of the blossoming period, which had overcome some overnight frosts. “Although our growers in Chile were not affected by the frost, it is too early to predict the size of volumes expected from the Southern Hemisphere,” says Luis.

This fruit trading company prides itself on creating a supply-and-demand balance that is a win-win for all involved, from the grower to the customer. “Our consumers see that our growers get something back. It is not a one-sided way of doing business”, says Luis. Viva Tierra also sells organic pears, kiwifruit, onions, and other seasonal fresh organic produce.

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