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Top Ten Food Hot Events in 2018

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-12-27  Origin: www.ccn.com.cn  Views: 16
Core Tip: In 2018, many incidents in the food industry were widely spread, involving safety incidents, brand disputes and so on. How do these events affect people's consumption life?
Rainbow trout was listed for salmon to arouse controversy, take-away dishes to arouse consumer dissatisfaction, and Haitian soy sauce was nominated for false nutritional ingredients. In 2018, many incidents in the food industry were widely spread, involving safety incidents, brand disputes and so on. How do these events affect people's consumption life? We have made a centralized summary.

1.Rainbow trout was listed for salmon is controversial

In May 2018, CCTV reported that 1/3 of salmon in the domestic market were produced in Longyangxia Reservoir, Qinghai. Some netizens questioned that the salmon farmed in Qinghai-Tibet was not salmon, but rainbow trout. Subsequently, at the inaugural meeting of the Salmon Branch of China Aquatic Circulation and Processing Association and the China International Salmon Industry Development Forum held in Qinghai, the Chinese Aquatic Circulation and Processing Association published the group standard of raw salmon, classifying the controversial rainbow trout into the salmon groups, triggering a heated debate again.

2. Well-known brands not conforming to national standards are named

On October 12, Jiangsu Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Commission released a comparative test of soy sauce products, which showed that 29 samples of soy sauce samples "did not meet the national standards", among which famous brand Li Jinji and Haitian ranked. Among them, Haitian's "problem" is that the calculation of protein NRV% of raw soy sauce is incorrect. Nutrient reference value(NRV%) value on the label is 1%, while the detection value is 1.5%.

3. The Brand Competition between North and South Daoxiang Villages

On October 12, the Court of Suzhou Industrial Park of Jiangsu Province handed down a first instance judgment in the case of Suzhou Daoxiangcun Food Co., Ltd. v. Beijing Daoxiangcun Food Co., Ltd. infringement of trademark rights. The verdict demanded that the defendant, Beijing Daoxiangcun, stop using the word "Daoxiangcun" in its pastry packaging and compensate the plaintiff for the economic loss of 1.15 million yuan. In September, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court gave a completely different judgment: the defendant Beijing Sudao Company and Suzhou Daoxiangcun Company should stop using the "Daoxiangcun" trademark on dumplings, moon cakes, pastries and other commodities.

4. Shanxi Pingyao vinegar fraud was exposed

According to media survey, in Pingyao ancient city of Shanxi, cheap OEM vinegar and blended vinegar are sold in many vinegar stores, some of which are slightly packaged and become "old vinegar" selling for hundreds of yuan. Some vinegar merchants admit that most local residents avoid vinegar shops in the ancient city when they buy vinegar.

5. Takeaway is made by heating a dish bag.

The "takeaway" purchased by consumers online is probably made by heating semi-finished "dish bags". Media surveys have found that there are not only takeaway shops but also fast food chains that use semi-finished "dish bags" to make standard meals.

6. "Little White Milk" is accused of fooling consumers

In June 2018, many popular "Little White Milk" on the Internet aroused consumers'doubts. The reason is that this kind of dairy packaged in transparent plastic packages is marked with refrigerated storage and the outer packages are marked with the words "100% fresh" and "original taste". But the actual implementation is GB25190 standard, which belongs to high-temperature sterilized milk. It does not need the whole cold chain and has a long shelf life. It is not usually called fresh milk.

7. Ejiao is just "boiled donkey skin" being heated discussion

During the Spring Festival of 2018, an microblog with the statement of "Ejiao is not worth buying in the Spring Festival: Ejiao has always been in a high position in health care products, with a variety of effects of aura support: blood tonic, hemostasis, beauty preservation, placebo, anti-fatigue, anti-cancer... However, please look at the essence through the phenomenon, Ejiao is just "boiled donkey skin". A tossed stone raises a thousand ripples, and the microblog became a controversy between Chinese and Western medicine.

8. Lang  Liquor was bombarded by Maotai's marketing.

The slogan "Blue and White Lang, one of China's two Maotai-flavor Liquors" was broadcast in October 2018, causing considerable controversy. An open letter signed "Guizhou Renhuai Maotai Liquor colleagues" questioned that Lang Liquor was willing to be Maotai's younger brother, but stepped on the small and medium-sized liquor enterprises in Maotai town.

9. Investigation of a school meal supplier filed

Since October 19, photos of tomatoed and onions moulding and seasonings expired in the back kitchen of Shanghai Zhongxin School cafeteria have been circulated and fermented on the Internet. The survey found that the catering supplier of Zhongxin School is Shanghai Yile Food Technology Co., Ltd. wholly owned by British Compass Group Co., Ltd. including Zhongxin School. Yile Food caters to 28 school canteens in Shanghai, and has been prompted by several business information platforms for business risks.

10. Thai T.C. wants to force the liquidation of Chinese Red Bull

On October 24, Red Bull Vitamin Beverage (Thailand) Co., Ltd. issued a statement to the media entitled "Red Bull Vitamin Beverage (Thailand) Co., Ltd. officially launched the compulsory liquidation procedure of Red Bull Vitamin Beverage Co., Ltd." The statement stated that "Red Bull Vitamin Beverage (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has reached the end of its business term. On October 15, 2008, a legal claim for compulsory liquidation of Red Bull Vitamin Beverage Co., Ltd. was brought to the First Intermediate People's Court of Beijing according to law.
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