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Will garlic prices rise in 2019?

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2019-01-11  Origin: Baijia  Views: 20
Core Tip: In the past decade, prices for garlic have hit rock bottom and costs have risen.
In the past decade, prices for garlic have hit rock bottom and costs have risen. The average cost of garlic grown by farmers per acre is about 1,500 yuan. Should farmers still grow garlic or not?

Due to the significant increase in total garlic production in 2018, garlic stocks increased substantially. Garlic was only used as a spice and the daily consumption in the market was basically fixed. Now, with the reduction of the planting area, the balance of supply and demand is more positive and garlic prices are also rising slightly. It seems that the price of garlic will rise in 2019, but the increase will not be too large.

In the past two years, the planting area of garlic had been expanding blindly, causing the oversupply. In particular, last year's garlic prices fell to 0.3 to 0.5 yuan. At present, more garlic is being grown overseas, which has brought tremendous pressure on garlic cultivation in China, affecting the price of garlic this year.

Experts have conducted research and the area of garlic in each region was reduced by about 30% compared with 2018, but the total garlic production is still considerable. Of course, with the large stock of garlic produced in 2018, the price of garlic will not change significantly in 2019.

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