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How to make tofu at home?

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2019-02-28  Views: 7
Core Tip: People often ask whether they can make tofu at home. Certainly.
People often ask whether they can make tofu at home. Certainly.

Ingredients: 400g soybeans, 12g brine.

Practice: 1. Wash the soybeans, put them in a basin and pour them into clean water. The surface of the water is no more than 4 centimeters, and soak them overnight. 2. Pour the brine into the container and pour in 80 ml clear water. 3. Mix watery soybeans with 1500 ml clear water and grind them into pulp. 4. Fill the soybean milk and pour it into a non-stick pan, leaving out the foam on the surface. Boil over high heat, then skim off the foam, turn off the low heat, and boil over high heat until soybean milk does not boil. 5. Turn off the fire and pour in the brine bit by bit. Stir it gently with a spoon for a few times. Don't stir it hard. Set aside for about 15 minutes. 6. Put the box of tofu in a large pot (there'd be plenty of space below). The gauze is soaked and spread in the box. The beans are picked up with a fence and put into the box. Then the gauze is covered and the water is gently pressed with the lid of the tofu box. 7. Find a heavy object and press it on. When the tofu cools naturally, it's done.

Reminders: 1. Soybean needs to be soaked for more than 8 hours in advance. After fully soaking, it can be beaten and ground. 2. Before boiling, the ground soybean milk is first filtered into the filter to get more delicate soybean milk. The tofu made is better looking and tastier. 3. If the tofu is not eaten immediately, it should be kept in a fresh-keeping box. It can be refrigerated for about two days.
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