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Regular season for organic mangoes from India

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-04-20  Views: 20
Core Tip: In two weeks time, the season for organic mangoes will commence in Gujarat, western India.
In two weeks time, the season for organic mangoes will commence in Gujarat, western India. The Indian export company ABM International specializes in Kesar mangoes and is set to deliver its produce to western markets.

“It’s going to be an average season, without any highs or lows,” says Dilip K. Patel of ABM International. “The sizes are going to be a bit less than 12 cm, which makes them larger than usual. The taste is very good.”

The main export markets for ABM International for organic produce are mainly found in the West, with countries like the US, Italy and the Netherlands. According to Patel, demand for organic mangoes is increasing in the European market. “We’re currently looking for Dutch importers. We’ve been getting more and more requests from the Netherlands for our mangoes, along with requests from Rome,” explains Patel.

Though the company doesn’t produce conventional mangoes, it does buy and trade them for local markets. Patel says that the nearest market for conventional mangoes is Dubai. They also supply a small volume to the Indian market.

Price is the main obstacle for the marketing of organic mangoes. Organic produce takes longer to cultivate, leading to higher prices which in turn diminish demand. However, Patel isn’t discouraged. “Our export customers understand what’s great about organic. They will buy organic mangoes, no matter the price.”

The sector for organic mangoes has been increasing in India. Patel says that the production is doubling every year. “As for competition, we started 10 years ago and now have no problems with generating sales through export. We also provide organic produce to the domestic market. The demand is there, though we only provide small volumes.”

All in all, Patel thinks that the sector has improved in the last three years. “The Indian government has provided a small amount of support. It isn’t much, but through this support we haven’t encountered any problems,” concludes Patel.

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