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So Orange creates new standards in navel orange marketing

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Core Tip: In recent years, competition in the agricultural market has been getting ever more intense.
In recent years, competition in the agricultural market has been getting ever more intense. The former tobacco king Chu Shijian founded Chu Orange, looking for a place among the new stars of e-commerce such as the Three Squirrels. This information about Chu Orange quickly became a hot topic of discussions on social media. The company targeted customers by making use of the name of the successful businessmen as a leader. That made them able to enter the market even without any real-life promotion, by using only the internet. Three Squirrels is going to target the growing internet audience of young and actively consuming "white-collar"customers. Using an entertainment-based marketing strategy, Three Squirrels is planing to attract a a large number of brand fans.

So Orange was a dark horse among brands in 2016. In the period of 2016/17 it blasted the whole country like an orange whirlwind. Since the beginning of November 2016 pre-sales, online sales and offline distribution both attracked discussions and hyped sales. So Orange marketing became even more vigorous. At the same time it gained a great reputation, it also had enviable results: product sold online makes up 7% of the overall product sold in the business, but with So Orange, this rate is as high as 25%. The first batch ordered exceeded 10 thousand pieces. Through personalization of their brand, customization of their product and thinning out their channels, they remolded the standards for navel orange marketing and created their own new standard, and thus, they dominated the market for navel oranges, modernized management and standardized cultivation.

Innovative brand marketing: personalized brand gains more sympathy
In the beginning of a brand design creation, So Orange launched the concept" of the drinkable orange". It represented the fresh, juicy, unique So Orange flavor and also intrigued the customers with the unusual idea of "drinking oranges". After the presentation started, people were immediately attracted by the new product. Both customers and distributors have shown their utmost appreciation.

Since its sales started, So Orange has hosted or participated in a series of influential brand marketing activities. On December 28, So Orange held the "Starting 2016 Brand Conference", which not only attracted the government and industry elites, but also officially commenced their strategic cooperation with Sunshine Fruits, Yiguo and other online and offline distributors on the spot. News of So Orange's official public appearance swept across professional circles and triggered the coverage of hundreds of media outlets. In addition, the So Orange also received invitations for cooperation from large local movement brands, such as DaShui Lake Welcome Running Marathon and Guangzhou Tourism Festival. In 2017, during the Fengjie Navel Oranges South-West Big Brand Presentation and Valentine's Day Navel Oranges East China Brand Presentation, So Orange's products were picked clean by customers. Both meetings were attended by journalists and won everybody's approval.

On Valentine's Day 2017, held in the Super Brand Mall, at the "I want to give you an 'orange bag' happiness' promotion event, So Orange ran a short emotional movie called "Let loving oranges become a habit" for the first time in front of the public. This movie tells the story of every first step in a person's life, with characters sharing oranges, they are also sharing their thoughts, feelings and memories. Using emotions, So Orange created a warm and touching image.

In order to give the brand a more distinctive personality and uniqueness, So Orange started inter-field marketing with the Little red book, a video, and other bold enterprises and advanced its influence with the group of the young "white-collar" high-end customers. Through this series of innovative brand marketing hooks, in a short period of time So Orange went from dark horse to one of the navel orange market leaders and opened a new era of brand marketing.

Standardized and modernized supply system
While creating a new era of navel orange marketing, So Orange also committed to leading the way in improving the knowledge of agricultural production. Three core elements, which are "standardization, branding and modernization", are what shapes the whole production process and allows So Orange to guarantee high quality.

So Orange created its own base + eco-tourism conservation area as a means to ensure a high-quality planting environment. It also worked hard to reach the perfect functioning of production lines. Those two steps allowed So Orange to lay the foundation to create a whole industry chain which guarantees only matured fruits with the best flavor. In the Fengjie base, So Orange uses the first quality analysis equipment in all of China's South-west, which helps to maintain the required standards. There is also a modern warehouse, equiped with refregerating technologies, that allows customers get their hand on only the best-tasting oranges.

As for the packaging, So Orange also put in a lot of effort and invited famous foreign designers to create special packaging, such as the "four season"pack, the "big orange little love" pack, the "spring heart" pack and others, to touch customers hearts. For example, the four seasons packaging combines elements from the So Orange's growing environment: sun, rain, a gentle breeze and soil, with a child's innocent perspective, it presents the natural beauty. "Big orange little love" packagings have half of a big orange and half of a small orange that symbolize love and friendship and immerse these emotions into the design and product.

That is how a strict system based on standardisation and modern supply helps So Orange to reach the highest level of quality. That is how a well-thought-out emotional design helps to create a personalized brand.

Channel flattering, the establishment of a strategic cooperation marketing model
To narrow the distance between the company and consumers, So Orange created flat distribution channels. This model is based on direct sales. At this moment, So Orange is already selling it's products on Taobao, JD.com, baiyangwang.com, Yiguo, Tmall and other individual and vertical type sales platforms and does marketing and promotion on new media platforms that inovatively run all kinds of different products. At the same time, together with their partners, other online sellers, like Pagoda, Sunshine Fruits, Huisheng fruits, Wuhan Yong Daxin, they established more than 200 offline stores. This step increased So Orange's brand influence.

During the process of cooperation with different fruit distributors, the deepest impression was left by a team leaded by Peng Yang. Since So Orange is looking for excellence in design, strictly observed quality standards and re-sellers who are highly respected by their distributors, there is no doubt that in the near future it will become a national leader in brand personalization and standardization.

According to their development plan, So Orange will continue to expand promotion areas, upgrade product processing channels and continue to deepen the implementation of strategic cooperation marketing models.

Countless positive reviews
Through a unique and innovative marketing campaign, So Orange have harvested positive feedback from government leaders, partners and a vast number of consumers. In December 2016, on the 2016 Production and Marketing Conference, deputy director of Fengjie Navel Orange Industrial Development Center in his opening speech adressed So Orange as the "Leading Fengjie Navel Orange Producer". He emphasized how much effort has been made to create this exemplary brand, through the integration of the whole navel orange supply chain and the establishment of model enterprises, it advanced the economy of Fengjie navel orange and realized a new leap forward. In January 2017, at the first China Agricultural Wisdom Annual Summit and "Professional Farmer Cup" awards ceremony, founder Peng Yang won an honorary title - "2016 Top Ten Outstanding Agricultural Entrepreneur" - and, at the "2017 Chinese food industry, farmers and businessmen annual meeting" So Orange topped the list of the best Chinese brands of 2017.

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