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Domestic issues force India to import more apples

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-11-10  Views: 29
Core Tip: The import season for apples in India is predicted to be better than last year.
The import season for apples in India is predicted to be better than last year. Estimates show that more importers have increased their stock. Although domestically produced apples in Kashmir are abundant, unpredictable weather circumstances such as hail storms have been known to damage the yield of the apple sector in India, while weather forecast services in India generally are said to be of low standards. These factors favor imports of foreign apples as opposed to domestic production.

While importers are inclined to increase their volumes, this doesn’t mean that the import market is without its share of issues. The Indian government issued a law last year that meant the import of apples could only be permitted through a single designated port in India. This made trade difficult for apple importers and caused prices for imported apples to increase. However, due to protests from, and successful lobbying by, importers, this regulation was lifted in January 2017.

Given the size of India and the differences between regions, both culturally and economically, it is no surprise that Indians prefer different varieties of apples. Some Indian consumers like their apples red, while others prefer pink. Because of these variations in demand, suppliers from all over the world are finding their way to the Indian market. Apples are being imported from China, the USA, Belgium and other parts of Europe, with Japan being a recent party to show interest in exporting apples to India.

Author: Lawin Ileto / Yzza Ibrahim
keywords: apples
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