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First Shanghai "aeroponic" installation produces high yield of pollution-free vegetables and fruits

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-07-11  Views: 34
Core Tip: Row upon row of bright green vegetables are doing well without soil or even sunlight.
Row upon row of bright green vegetables are doing well without soil or even sunlight. The Aisheng Biotechnology Company have presented their fully-automatic aeroponic plantation system--the first Shanghai "aeroponic" plantation installation, at the recent 2018 Shanghai International Indoor Plantation Installation Symposium.

Mr. Zhu Weimin, research fellow and head of the Horticulture Institute at the Shanghai Agricultural Technology Center, explained that the plantation installation produces agricultural crops year-round through an efficient, precise, and strictly controlled system. Vegetables in the plantation installation are virtually free from natural restrictions, which accelerates their growing process.

The fully-automatic aeroponic plantation system of Aisheng Biotechnology functions in an isolated room without soil, pollution sources, or insect pests. The production includes more than 70 varieties of such vegetables and fruits as Romaine lettuce, purslane, water spinach, peppermint, Chinese leek, snack cucumber, and strawberries.

Source: Xinmin Evening News

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