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China: Stable yield for domestic Tunisian pomegranates

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Core Tip: Tunisian pomegranates are known to be an early ripening variety with beautiful color and big seeds.
Tunisian pomegranates are known to be an early ripening variety with beautiful color and big seeds. The main cultivation areas of this pomegranate variety in China include Henan, Anhui, Shandong and Sichuan province. The growth of the species requires long hours of exposure to sunlight and other strict factors, so the production volume in the country has been stable over the recent years. This year, the pomegranate trees in Sichuan have just enter the blooming stage, and more information about the yields will not be available until around 10, June. The supply is expected to start around 20, July and last till December.

"We have four plantations in Huili, Sichuan, with a total area of 300 acres. Our Tunisian pomegranates are sold to wholesale markets in first tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou through e-commerce platforms (10%) and traditional channels (90%). Compared to common fruits like bananas and apples, the Tunisian pomegranate is a less well-known fruit variety and, due to their relatively high prices, the end customers are normally medium and high-end consumer groups," according to Mr. Wenpeng Peng, a Tunisian pomegranate grower.

"I am positive about the market prospects of this pomegranate variety, because ever since it was introduced to China, their overall quality has stood out among all the varieties grown in major cultivation areas of pomegranates across the country. More importantly, it fills the gaps of low supply of pomegranates in August and satisfies the market demand. Also, with the growing technique being constantly improved, I believe that the quality of this variety will be better suited to the needs of different consumers."

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