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Malaysian pineapples to enter Chinese market before end of the year

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-09-21  Views: 25
Core Tip: This is the first year that the Chinese government has opened up to Malaysian pineapples.
"This is the first year that the Chinese government has opened up to Malaysian pineapples. Before the end of the year, Shanghai will have officially opened its doors. Because there are currently only three Malaysian companies that export pineapples to China, in the beginning, there will not be large quantities entering the Chinese market yet," according to Ms. Janet from the Hebei Jinzhou Great Wall Economy Trade Co Ltd.

"Currently, we have already reached a strategic partnership with a leading Malaysian company: Rompin Integrated Pineapple Industries. That makes us its sole representative in China. For promotion, we use both online and offline methods. We are now discussing an online promotion arrangement with the e-commerce platform Jingdong, and we have offline market promotions in our supermarket channels."

"We are very optimistic about the sales prospects of Malaysian pineapples on the Chinese market. Firstly, because of Malaysia's geographical location near the equator, it can produce pineapples year round. Secondly, it has enough sunshine, and the difference in temperature between day and night is over 10 degrees, so they have more sugar than pineapples from Hainan and Taiwan. Furthermore, the taste of Malaysian pineapples is better, they have better fibers, and are not mushy. Lastly, together with our Malaysian partner, we are working to develop mechanized production, so we will have price advantages as well."

"Under the brand Great Wall, we are planning to expand from Shanghai to its surroundings, initially by spreading to its nearest fruit market. For sales online, we want to go for premium products. However, in order to promote our products, and for the public to get to know our product quality, we do not rule out lowering our prices for a limited period of time. Simultaneously, when looking at our headquarters in Hebei, we have enough distribution channels, so we can also further expand the local market."

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