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China: Qingyang apples target foreign markets

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-10-12  Views: 12
Core Tip: This year, the production season of Qingyang Fuji apples started in the middle of September, and will last until November.
"This year, the production season of Qingyang Fuji apples started in the middle of September, and will last until November. Because of the stable weather and few natural disasters, this year's Fuji production has increased 15% from last year," according to Mr. Wang Wenfeng, an apple producer and salesman in Qingyang, Gansu.

"Our Fuji apple fields are located in Qingyang, Gansu, on the Loess Plateau. They amount to approximately 2 hectares (20 mu). Currently, our apples are sold through traditional sales channels and e-commerce platforms. We mainly sell to distributors in first and second tier cities in China. Our online sales take up around 20% of our total sales."

"In 2016, the total apple market was depressed. Many producers suffered severe losses. From 2017, the apple market appears to be recovering, as the market price has increased around 20% from last year. This not only has to do with the fact that this is a fruit bearing year, but it is also caused by the strict quality controls in the production process."

"Qingyang is one of the most suitable areas in China for apples. It is the city with the largest apple production area in Gansu. Because it is located on the Loess Plateau, the soil is deep, the climate moderate, the rainfall reasonable, there is sufficient light, and the temperature differences between day and night are large. These natural circumstances are excellent, and make it a perfect area to grow fruit, like apples. The trees have been planted a long time ago, and all the apples are large, colorful, crispy, and sweet. In the future, while we are steadily developing our current markets, I hope that we will have the opportunity to expand to foreign markets, improve the apple supply chain, improve the product quality, and thus upgrade the apple industry."

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