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Salads permeate Chinese consumer market

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-07-12  Views: 13
Core Tip: The main characteristic of organic products is the excellent natural environment of their agricultural production system.
The main characteristic of organic products is the excellent natural environment of their agricultural production system. Farmers in organic plantations do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers while the plants grow, which means that there is no chemical pesticide residue on the agricultural products. Farmers in organic plantations also do not use genetically modified plants or products. Organic agricultural products therefore come from a natural environment, are rich in nutrients, have high product quality, and are safe for the environment.

"We mainly plant organic vegetables including leaf vegetables, eggplants, root vegetables, and plants such as organic cabbage, organic spinach, organic sweetcorn, organic tomatoes, small organic cucumbers, and organic ginger. We have more than 70 product varieties and produce close to 5 thousand tons of organic vegetables per year.

Our supply is abundant and stable. We build on the foundations of our current product variety with research and development of new varieties to provide consumers with more choice of healthy, safe organic vegetables. We constantly promote new product varieties." This is according to Colin Tse, Sales Manager of Goldrock Agriculture.

"In addition to organic vegetables, we also supply organic salads. Salads have already found widespread uses in Western countries and they are generally seen as the representative product of healthy food. In China, however, salad is not yet that common. It is mostly used in Western style restaurants, which have little to do with traditional Chinese cuisine. Despite this obstacle, salad has gained a foothold in recent years among younger consumers, in particular young white-collar workers. We currently have 17 kinds of salads in our inventory. We imported valuable European vegetable varieties, cultivated them with care, processed and washed them, and combine them with the sesame oil that we researched and developed. In this way we provide consumers with a safe and flavorful taste of foreign places."

"We currently sell our products through traditional marketing channels and e-commerce platforms. Not only do we sell our organic vegetables in mainland markets, but also in Hong Kong. Our client base is widespread but consists mainly of supermarkets. In order to expand our market, this company will participate in the Fruit and Vegetable Exposition that will be organized in Hong Kong in September. We will exchange information with people in the industry to further improve our products and services."

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