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ITC’s Fabelle to mark Diwali festivities with six chocolate hampers

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Core Tip: ITC’s Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates, assorted in specially-curated gift bouquets, have now been designed for the upcoming Diwali festivities.
ITC’s Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates, assorted in specially-curated gift bouquets, have now been designed for the upcoming Diwali festivities. The six distinct hampers are the Regalia Bouquet, the Signature Bouquet, the Prisma Bouquet, the Royal Bouquet, the Grande Bouquet and the Elegant Bouquet.
The Regalia Bouquet has four Fabelle creations. Fabelle Gianduja is a recreation of an Italian delicacy from the Napoleon era, recreated using fine Ghanaian cocoa blended with cocoa butter. Rich Turkish hazelnuts are then added for a nutty, melt-in-the-mouth experience. The Fabelle Elements, a box of assorted handcrafted pralines, is inspired by the elements of nature, namely earth, fire, air, water and wood.
“The Fabelle Dessert Collection comprises truffles with all desserts like Crème Brulee, Tiramisu, Banoffee Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake and Lemon Meringue. The exclusive Fabelle Fondue Set has a bag of Fabelle dipping chocolate and a complimentary fondue pot to bring the entire family together,” said the company, adding that these were priced at Rs 22,000.
Fabelle also stated that every chocolate included in the hampers conveyed a timeless fable of its own, making it a treasure trove of chocolate stories to be relished by every chocolate aficionado.
“The Signature Bouquet, priced at Rs 14,750, is a box of 10 Fabelle Elements. Both the Regalia Bouquet and the Signature Bouquet are available in vintage-looking chocolate brown briefcase with pink and golden embellishments on the exterior, giving them a luxurious look,” said the company.
The Prisma Bouquet is priced at Rs 9,500 and comprises of a box of 10 Fabelle Elements, a box of twelve Fabelle Gianduja, a box of six Fabelle Single Origin Cacaos, a box of ten Fabelle Dessert Collection, a Fabelle Luxury Chocolate Bar and a Fabelle Fondue Set with one bag of Fabelle dipping chocolate bags with an exclusive fondue pot.
The Royale Bouquet is priced at Rs 6,150; the Grande Bouquet costs Rs 4,500, and the Elegant Bouquet is priced at Rs 2,400.
The Prisma Bouquet and The Royale Bouquet are available in designed baskets, making for an elegant gifting option this Diwali. The Grande Bouquet and The Elegant Bouquet are packed inside attractive caskets to offer luxurious chocolate indulgence. 
Sharing his opinion on the exquisite collection, Hemant Malik, divisional chief executive, foods, ITC, said, “Diwali is one of the most revered celebrations in India that brings warmth to everyone’s life. Exchange of gifts during celebrations is a timeless expression of love and gratitude that goes beyond words. There are many legacies that Fabelle chocolates behold. We want our discerning patrons to pass these rare and delectable stories onto their loved ones, a gift they will cherish for lifetime.”
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