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Export and Domestic Sale together Push Profit Growth

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2016-12-02  Views: 75
Core Tip: Guolian’s shrimp and tilapia business has an absolute advantage inside the whole industry.
Guolian’s shrimp and tilapia business has an absolute advantage inside the whole industry. During the peak period of its shrimp export to America, as many as 40% of the shrimp came from Guolian. The whole export revenue accounted for 70% of the total profit in Guolian, while 50% was from America and the left from other countries. Its domestic business only contributed nearly 30% to its earnings. Shrimp and tilapia were the main aquatic species Guolian exported overseas.

Benefiting from the export recovery, the company’s performance rose sharply this year. Tax rebate reached as high as 56 million yuan in 2016 H1, increasing by 47.4% year on year.

It’s expected that the annual net profit of Guolian in 2016 would reach 0.1 billion yuan, while its overseas business accounted for 50 million yuan and domestic business contributed nearly 20 million yuan. Surprisingly, its net profit in 2015 was only 22.77 million yuan, whose growth rate would be as high as 340% this year if the estimated target came true. Guolian also stated that its upcoming earnings would benefit from the expansion of industrialized farming and breakthrough made in domestic channel. Compound growth rate of its annual revenue would keep at 50% above. And upgrading of product and customs structure would push its growth rate much higher.

Guolian’s target of net profit owned by parent company between 2016 and 2018 was 0.1 billion, 0.15 billion and 0.23 billion yuan respectively, the corresponding EPS was 0.13/0.19/0.30 yuan.
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