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Mushrooms very suitable for year-round consumption

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-03-31  Views: 2
Core Tip: Many consumers know mushrooms as a winter or autumn vegetable, but that perception is gradually changing.
Many consumers know mushrooms as a winter or autumn vegetable, but that perception is gradually changing. “We are doing everything we can to change people’s minds. Mushrooms are very suitable for year-round consumption. This vegetable can also be eaten in salads or barbecued in spring and summer,” says Michel Lesage from Lesage Champignons.

In the summer of 2016, the company introduced a BBQ concept. “This is a packaging with sliced mushrooms and a marinade for on the barbecue. Consumers responded enthusiastically, and they sold like hot cakes. We are very pleased that demand for this concept returned this year. Our customers will offer it on their shelves after Easter again.” Michel is enthusiastic about the increasing consumption in general. “More and more mushrooms are clearly being eaten, and consumers appreciate the product. They can be used in many different ways, so people can make endless variations with mushrooms.”

Selling like hot cakes

The mushroom market is good at the moment. “We absolutely cannot complain, despite the good weather. I’m also hopeful about the coming time. Mushrooms are selling well, both domestically and internationally. Normally around this time of year, we have competition from the first asparagus, but that appears to not be as bad as expected now. Besides, a few years ago we were in fierce competition with Eastern Europe, especially Poland. That has also become much less the case. Many retailers have made a definite choice to go with local mushrooms of good quality.” He expects an increasing demand as we’re headed towards Easter as well. “It differs per country in Europe. For example, here in Belgium Easter it’s not a big deal anymore, it cannot be compared to Christmas, for instance. In France and the Netherlands it’s still very much a family holiday, and people eat together. In those countries consumption of mushrooms also increases. For us in Flanders, it’s more about chocolate,” Michel laughs.

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