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Israel: Arava expands its operations with mangoes

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-07-05  Views: 1
Core Tip: A new approach for embarking upon a fluctuating industry is a necessity of the highest priority, so claimed by Omer Kamp of Arava Export Growers.
A new approach for embarking upon a fluctuating industry is a necessity of the highest priority, so claimed by Omer Kamp of Arava Export Growers. Nowadays, according to Mr. Kamp, "Consumers are demanding the inclusion of various factors that would comprise of Quality, Price, Service and Innovation. It would be, to say the least, presumptuous to assume one could bring each and every element to perfection but still, as Mr. Kamp explains, our task is to come as close to flawlessness as possible."

"This summer our aim is to bring about awareness of our upcoming operation in the range of mangoes, pomegranates, figs and fresh herbs. "For decades our core business had been related to the trade of Capsicums, which remains valid still today, but, in this day and age we must expand and reproduce our success into other areas as well," stated Omer Kamp.

"In the plains of Israel, adjacent to the coast of the Mediterranean, there are pomegranate fields with extraordinary yields and distinctive aromas, colors and silhouettes. Our operation dedicates its utmost efforts into bringing this unique class of Pomegranates to markets throughout the World."

"We expect and should commence, around mid-August, with the early assortments that are best characterized, when compared against the Wonderful variety, by their slightly smaller diameter, more reddish color inside and out, and a sweeter taste. A Pomegranate is a fruit of passion, health and prosperity. By now we all know the health merits it provides and how we should consume it, but the change on the other hand comes into play with the flavor it produces. I can safely proclaim that our early assortments possess unique sweetness, ideal for squeezing into a drink or a smoothie and, for sprinkling the arils over a salad to add that special touch", claimed Kamp.

Omer continues by pointing out that "as we progress into the season, October, the known Wonderful variety starts. Packed in 5 kg boxes of various counts with a slight touch of sourness and pinkish color. We will concentrate our energies on penetrating the market with top quality fruit and an exceptional level of service. Aside from delivering the product, we need to deliver real-time information, associated controls such as certs and accreditations, alongside strict MRL protocols."

In the coming weeks the mango season will kick off with the Tommy, Shelly and Maya varieties and in August, varieties such as Omer, Keith and Kent will hit the markets. Each variety has its own merits and attributes, where one offers vibrant colors and fibreless textures, the other includes fibered flesh and larger counts. Again, it all comes down to individual preferences and promotional strategies. On the other hand, the aspect that matters the most is the ability to offer an extensive assortment that would exceed whichever expectations clients may have.

"We have not traded in mangoes in the past but realize the requirement to have it included in our basket. Broadly speaking, we have set upon a strategy to better our services and shorten the distance between the farms and the consumer. Therefore, it is essential to have it incorporated in conjunction with our other lines and still maintain the same level of perfection" Stated by Mr. Ido Yaari, the department's manager.

"Last but not least, Arava Export Growers vows to carry on its quest of providing an unparalleled level of service to its fresh herbs clients by including specialty products such as, figs, Buddah fingers, finger limes, edible flowers, salicornia and more.

"Let there be no mistake, the key to success in trading air-freight products such as herbs lies in our ability to provide accurate information in due time and to facilitate immediate solutions to a diversity of possible problems. We know and appreciate the difficulties our clients face and therefore, our existence relies on our capability to provide weekly forecasts and strict MRL protocols. We have all the adequate certificates but, the industry now knows that this is simply not enough, more is required and more we are willing to provide," asserted Mr. Kamp.

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