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China: First Baisha blood orange e-commerce festival held

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-11-22  Views: 46
Core Tip: The autonomous Lizu county in Baisha is located in the Midwest of Hainan.
The autonomous Lizu county in Baisha is located in the Midwest of Hainan. It is the core ecological area in Hainan with a nice climate all year round, nurturing high quality agricultural products. In the past two years, Baisha has developed its blood oranges. Not only is their taste better than that of other oranges, but its nutritional value is also higher. This year, Baisha blood oranges entered the market on 16 November, and will stay there until the end of December.

The blood oranges are brightly colored with red flesh, and sweet. Furthermore, their nutritional value is high, because of the many nutrient elements and carotenes. The Baisha blood oranges were first grown in Lianjiang, Guangzhou. After making some improvements, Baisha now produces the sweetest blood oranges, earning the name "Hainan's sweetest oranges".

Promoting this special fruit benefits consumers. The first Baisha blood orange e-commerce festival was held on 16 November. It was organized by the government of the autonomous Lizu county in Baisha, together with the Baisha Science, Technology and Industry Bureau, the Propaganda Department of the Baisha CPC county committee, the Baisha Ministry of Agriculture, the government of Qifang, and the Longjiang farm.

During the festival, many Baisha blood orange contests were held, and the Baisha blood orange harvest was opened. Online agents of agricultural produce all over China came together, and witnessed this historic event.

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