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Taiwanese persimmon production volume greatly increased

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-11-06  Views: 4
Core Tip: Chinese and Taiwanese persimmons currently enter the market in large volumes.
Chinese and Taiwanese persimmons currently enter the market in large volumes. The persimmon harvest season in Taiwan, Shaanxi, and Hebei began two weeks ago. "We began harvesting persimmon around two weeks ago. The weather conditions were excellent this year, and our production volume increased. Last year our production volume greatly decreased because of poor weather conditions. This year our luck changed and the production volume increased, as did the product quality. Our sweet persimmon production season lasts around two months." This is according to Kimi of Gama International Co., Ltd.

"We sell our persimmon in mainland China in various areas. This year, the market demand for persimmon greatly increased, and consequently our sales volume greatly increased in comparison with last year. Persimmons have been popular in China in recent years. Consumers are quite familiar with this fruit. Our persimmon varieties sell very well in the Chinese market."

There are reports in China that say the price of persimmon increased, and other reports that state the price decreased. "In general, the price is extremely stable. Current market competition is fierce, because persimmon from various areas in China enters the market in large volumes around the same time. Furthermore, each production area has a relatively large production volume this year. However, the supply season in most production areas in China only partially overlaps with the supply season in Taiwan, which means that supply is spread out and relatively stable."


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